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Authorized user trade line accounts refer to the practice of “renting” the credit history of a high credit scoring individual to improve one’s own credit rating. An authorized user account is a tradeline that can be a spouse added to a credit card, a child or even a close friend. We have the largest database of AU Tradelines in the country, currently we have over 1300 AU's in our inventory and they range in price from $400 to $1800 depending on the age and the credit limit you want. Once our tradelines post to your credit report you will be able apply for various loans or credit cards you need.  *Our AU's will post to your file in 7 to 10 days from the statement date.

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Quality Trade Lines raised my Credit Score 75 Points with the Trade Line that I purchased. The service was fast and the Trade Line posted right when they said it would.  Ralph, Dallas TX. 

My Credit Score was 550 after I had some credit repair work done and I talked to Arnold from Quality Trade Lines, he gave me some options on some aged Trade Lines and in two weeks my credit score was 770. Thanks for the great fast service, I am letting all of my friends know about your service.  

George, Atlanta Ga.

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Get Better Mortgage Approvals With Our High Limit Trade Lines


Most Affordable Tradelines
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For several years I have been trying to fix my credit, I make a very good income but my credit score was low because of my pass credit problems. At first I tried to do my own credit repair because I didn't want to pay anyone to do it, tried to go the cheap route, only to find out how difficult and time consuming it was to do my own credit repair.  After several months of frustration and little results I decided to get professional help, I want to thank you guys at Quality Tradelines for all your help. Your Credit repair worked just like you said and after adding $150K in Tradelines, I was able to get $92K in funding so far. You saved my business. Thanks Again!  D. Clark, LA. 

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Most Affordable Tradelines

 Get your FREE professional Credit Analyze done with us. We send you a list of Tradelines that is chosen especially for your ultimate best credit score.

Quality Tradelines

Why Are We The Best >

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With over 18 years in the Trade lines business we know the industry inside-out, with thousands of satisfied customers and our Money Back Guarantee you will be very satisfied. 


From the list of trade lines that were sent to you choose the best ones that fit your budget, fill out our order form and make payment , DONE!

Because at One Time, We were just like YOU.
We also had a Low Credit Score.
So we Developed a System to Raise Credit Scores Successfully Every Time
We Analyze Your Credit Report and Figure Out What Size Limit and what Age TradeLine will Give Your Credit Score the Most Impact
Take  Action!
Call And Get Your Free Credit Report Analysis 

Sample AU Pricing

Lender      Limit       Age     Cost

Discover           $3500             3 yrs          $550  
Barclay             $7500             4 yrs          $650 
Citi Bank           $41000           8 yrs          $850 
  • Get your 3 Score Credit Report with IdentityIQ For $21.00 Month


For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover 

*Result may very from person to person, we do not control the credit bureau and there scoring system or the time they take to upload and adjust their files , your score may be high or lower with the same tradelines as someone else. Only the credit bureau control the actual score and time. Most Affordable Credit Fix Tradelines

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